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Revolutionize Your SaaS Development

Why complicate when you can simplify? Our NextJS boilerplate is your turnkey

solution for developing web applications, SaaS, or AI tools. Maximize your productivity

and innovate without limits. From concept to production, do it in style and speed.

Built & shipped with these awesome tools
Starter-saas Logo
Starter-saas Logo
Starter-saas Logo

Where speed is the essence of your success.

Boost Your App's Triumph, Rocket to Market, Skyrocket Your Profits.

Free yourself from the complexities of API integrations and focus on scaling your startup. Starter-SaaS provides you with the key boilerplate code for an ultra-fast launch.

Instant User Logins.
Next-Auth manages authentication, offering total customization of your authentication journey, ensuring you have full command over your users data.
Lightning-Fast Payments.
When it comes to user billing, choose Stripe – seamlessly integrated and primed for action. Your choice, our effortless integration.
Speedy Email Delivery
With Resend's integration and our customizable email templates, launching email campaigns to your clients becomes effortlessly simple.
Advanced security
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Simple no-tricks pricing

Lifetime membership

Save time on your real product. This boilerplate will save you time in making the best possible product.

What’s included

  • NextJS boilerplate
  • Stripe payments
  • Supabase
  • Google Oauth - Next-auth

We'll be adding features little by little to improve your quick learning curve, but also new features to help you do big things.

Pay once, own it forever


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